Help Center How does ArrieroTV work?

How does ArrieroTV work?

Free Trials and Billing

  • Does ArrieroTV offer a Free Trial?
    We currently do not offer a free trial, but we are working to implement the trial offer within this calendar year, stay tuned!
  • How does ArrieroTV billing work?
    ArrieroTV is a membership platform that charges its members on a recurring basis. You will be billed up front for the first month and if you choose to remain a member, our billing system will charge your payment method on or around your sign-up date the following month.

Watching ArrieroTV

  • What selection can I find on ArrieroTV?
    We strive to provide our members with access to the unique content that interest them. Currently we focus on original and licensed productions that interest the rural Mexican culture, such as Charreria, Coleaderos, Jaripeo, Fiestas Patronales and other related activites. New content is added weekly.
  • What devices can I use to stream ArrieroTV?
    You can stream instantly to any device with an internet connection and a web browser or an ArrieroTV app, such as a computer, gaming console, DVD or Blue-Ray player, HDTV, HDMI Device, tablet or phone. For a more detailed list of devices, see our Streaming Devices page.
  • Can I stream in HD?
    We currently do not offer any features in HD when streaming to a web browser, such as your mobile phone, tablet or computer. HD is currently available on some features on our Roku app, please visit the Stream form a Roku Device page for more information.
  • How many devices can I stream ArrieroTV on?
    At the moment, we only allow the use of one stream, from one device at a time. ArrieroTV will log you off any devices you are logged into once you sign in from a different device, with the exception of streaming devices or apps such as a Roku or a mobile phone or tablet app.
  • How do ArrieroTV apps work?
    The ArrieroTV streaming software lets you instantly watch content from ArrieroTV via any internet connected device that offers an ArrieroTV app. The software may vary by device, and functionality may also be different per device. For example, the software may be embedded on an app via the Apple iPad which would require the use of you login credentials. Or, a device might ask you to link your device to your account online via a registration code, such as the Roku app. The use, warranties and limitations of this software is governed by our Terms of Use.
  • Where is ArrieroTV available?
    Our service is currently available in the United States, Mexico and Canada.

System Requirements

  • How fast does my internet need to be?
    The minimum required connection speed is 0.5 megabits per second, but you may want a faster connection for improved video quality.ArrieroTv is a streaming service, videos stream over the Internet and are not being downloaded to your device, so you must be connected tot he Internet throughout your watching experience.
  • How do I watch ArrieroTV on my computer?
    To start watching videos from your computer:

    1. Open an Internet browser and go to arrierotv.com.
    2. Sign into your ArrieroTV account.
    3. Select a video to play.

    If you do not already have Adobe Flash installed, you may be prompted to download and install the free plugin for you web browser. Just follow the on-screen instructions.